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hydroponic wheatgrass

How to Grow Soil Free Wheatgrass Hydroponically

Sproutman’s® Soil or Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower Shelf Unit This is a realy cool setup for growing your own grass, uh.. wheatgrass. No soil, no mess, no fuss In only 10 days you can have 3 large trays worth of fresh wheatgrass juice. It ‘s easy with Sproutman’s® Wheatgrass Grower Kit. It works with or without […]

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How I Review and Rate Juicers

Not all juicers have equal capabilities. Some juicers do wheatgrass well, but struggle with carrots for example, etc… JFL rate all juicers on the following aspects: Durability Ease of cleanup How well it juices wheat grass How well it juices carrots and hard vegetables How well it juices celery and fibrous vegetables How well it […]

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